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The table below provides a snapshot of the TrapSmart remote monitoring and alert systems for live traps. TrapSmart offers three wireless trapping systems to fit the needs of any wildlife control professional or researcher. Regardless of the system chosen, all provide humane wildlife trapping and are easy to set up.

The basic components of the real time alert system are sensors, a control unit, connection cord (lanyard with 2 clips) and a service plan. Keep in mind that the TrapSmart team will customize a solution to fit your specific needs, often at no additional cost.

Feature TrapSmart Wordwide TrapSmart Starter Plus TrapSmart BASIC
Communication Method Pure Satellite Cellular Cellular
Internet Maps Yes No No
Date/Time Yes Yes Yes
Trap Location Yes No No
Network Check Yes Yes Yes
Multiple Trap Monitoring No Yes No
Power Source Battery 120 v & Rechargeable Battery Internal Batteries 3v
Battery Life 2 ½ year 2 weeks 1 year
Alert Messages:
Closed door Yes Yes Yes
Low battery for sensor Not applicable Yes Yes
Low battery for control unit Yes Yes Yes
Email or Text Alert Yes Yes Yes
Number of Contacts (text/email) Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Solar battery charging port No (2 ½ year battery) Yes No
Works with any trap Yes Yes Yes
System Price* $495 $495 $225
Additional sensors* Not applicable $85 Not applicable
Service Plans – 3 month** $120 $90 $99*** (12 months)
Best suited for Remote areas with poor coverage, dead cellular zones, off grid, no power source Areas where need electronic monitoring without location information Areas where need electronic monitoring without location information

*Our 820 GPS and 820 Cellular systems include a control unit and 1 sensor. Multiple purchase discounts are available. Prices may vary.

**Service plans are 3 month for TrapSmart WorldWide and TrapSmart Starter Plus.

*** 12 month service plan for TrapSmart BASIC.

TrapSmart encourages trappers to call 973-907-0280 before ordering a system. This will ensure your get the best solution for your situation and budget. Our goal is to make sure you have a reliable monitoring system and configuration that fits your needs and your budget.

“TrapSmart was able to make an adjustment to accommodate a solar panel to extend the charge of the battery so there is much less maintenance needed as a result.”
Gary Searing, Founder of Airport Wildlife Management International Inc.

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