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About Us

Responsive, Innovative, Dedicated


Responsive, Innovative, Dedicated

Innovation comes from you – our current and future customers. TrapSmart is dedicated to developing technology to improve the efficiency and profitability of wildlife control, researchers, trappers and pest control professionals.

Listening to the challenges faces by wildlife and pest control specialists, TrapSmart is continually designing new humane ways to effectively trap and track animals.

TrapSmart monitors your system and will contact you if an alert triggers and no action is taken within a reasonable time frame. This is optional and is offered as part of TrapSmart service.

Real Time

Provides real time alerts and live trap information via mobile or text.


Attaches to any cage trap with a moving part including a foothold or snare


Wireless design eliminates wires that can be damaged or disconnected

Why Choose Us?

TrapSmart was founded by a wildlife and pest control professional who was tired of wasting time and energy checking empty traps. Understanding that every situation is unique, TrapSmart uses the following process to every project:

  • A free consultation to understand the situation and challenges
  • A recommendation for a set up that is effective and economical
  • Answer any questions about special needs or customizations
  • A detailed, written quote for products and services plan
  • Ongoing, free support to address any issues

We know you face many challenges. Let TrapSmart partner with you for effective, humane trapping of wildlife. Call us to discuss your situation.

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