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trapsmart worldwideTrapSmart WorldWide™ is the newest system and most advanced in terms of communications. TrapSmart Worldwide utilizes pure satellite technology so you get instant computer-based monitoring of wildlife trapping sites – 24/7 anywhere in the world.

The TrapSmart Worldwide system uses LEO (Low Earth Orbiting) Satellite System) technology that increases the areas where trapping can operate. Since it does not use ground based cellular communication, there are virtually no dead coverage zones

TrapSmart Worldwide offers you:

  • Pure satellite communications – the most reliable communication method
  • Extensive GPS web based, real time trap information and reporting including
    • trap door closed activity
    • date/time
    • connection status
    • trap address
    • longitude/latitude
    • internet maps
    • low battery alert

As with all TrapSmart systems, trap activity alerts are delivered in real time by text and/or email messaging. There is no limit to the amount of contact cell phone numbers and email addresses that can be notified.

The TrapSmart Worldwide system consists of a self-contained control unit and sensor, and a 2 1/2 year battery. It is easy to set up and installation takes minutes. Click here to view set up video.

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