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Customized solutions for all types of trappers.

From raccoons in a chimney to bird nests in electrical transformers, raptors on airport runways to feral hogs in recreation areas… every trapper faces a unique set of challenges.

A key to successful and productive wildlife trapping is to use the correct trapping system. The right size trap, real time alerts, and reliable communications can all add up to success or…. defeat. Flexible and dependable, TrapSmart systems work with all kinds of live traps and can be customized to meet the needs of all kinds of wildlife trappers.

  • Public health and safety – animal control officers, humane officers, livestock officers, nuisance removal, relocation officers, pest control
  • Law enforcement – municipal animal control, pest control
  • Protection of endangered, protected and wildlife – research biologists, hazard control specialists, wildlife management and control professionals

As more states recognize the value of remote trap monitoring, evaluating the right solution can become more difficult.

Download our checklist on How to Select a Remote Trapping System. It offers questions to help you evaluate a remote monitoring and trapping system so you do not get caught by a less than ideal system.

Click on your area of expertise to see how TrapSmart can help you.

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