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“TrapSmart will remain in my arsenal and is going to save me a ton of time and fuel!”

More Customer Stories

“The highlight of the most recent captures has been B008, a large male bobcat that has been sighted numerous times around the Westdale Hills Apartments and golf course in Hurst, TX. Thanks to the Trapsmart transmitters, we received a text message that a trap door had closed around 1:15 in the afternoon, and were on the scene within an hour. The bobcat was caught in a trap under a road bridge, with heavy construction taking place a mere 30 meters away. This was an extraordinary scenario for a bobcat capture.”

Julie Golla, Graduate Student, Quinney College of Natural Resources, Utah State University

“I set up the TrapSmart unit and because the location had poor cell reception I had trouble getting a good signal. I spoke with Tom at TrapSmart and he suggested putting the control unit higher off the ground. Being this was a remote location and limited access to electricity I had the unit plugged in at the house 300 yards away and on the ground. Tom reminded me of the long lasting battery in the unit and I was able to put the unit on top of a shed near the trap site.

Signal strength greatly improved immediately and at 1:30 AM the next morning I received a text message that the trap door was closed. I had my catch in a trap.

What I feel is one of the greatest benefits of the TrapSmart system is that the animal did not linger in the trap and was minimally stressed from the ordeal. Everyone benefits. The Animal, My Company and My Customer.”

Jim Brancato, Affiliated Pest Control LLC
“I have a large area to protect and it includes mostly unmanned stations. With over 350 traps, I needed a reliable way to check the traps to ensure humane treatment for the animals in the extreme hot and cold weather. With the TrapSmart system, I can respond quickly and treat the animal fairly. As a result, we have reduced outages, saving millions of dollars. TrapSmart is the tool of the future for our wildlife control business.”
Darcy Ackerton, Certified Wildlife Control Professional
“Now (with TrapSmart) I won’t have to sit in my car all night waiting to hear a trap close!”
Julie Pezek, Massachusetts Animal Coalition
“Thanks to collaboration, information-sharing and the efficient TrapSmart system, we are able to collect essential data on bird movements and distribution, and see precisely how well our wildlife management techniques are working.”
Gary Searing, Founder of Airport Wildlife Management International Inc.
“By using the TrapSmart satellite trap sensors, I can manage traps in 3 states simultaneously – Missouri Mississippi and Alabama. With these satellite trap checkers (aka TrapSmart system), I am no longer restricted by a lack of cell phone service when working feral hogs in remote rural areas.
Robert Waddell – Professional Trapper, former instructor Fur Takers of America Trapper’s College
“In a highly populated area, getting to the trap before someone else does is very important. I rely on the immediate alerts from TrapSmart to get me to the trap right away.”
Jim Dreisacker, President & Owner of Westchester Wildlife
“I just risked a $1 million contract being removed if I was not allowed to use TrapSmart — so I do think a lot of your product!”
Darcy Ackerton, Certified Wildlife Control Professional


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