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TrapSmart Overview

Trap Smarter, Not Harder

Trap Smarter, Not Harder

There are many challenges that can make humane wildlife control a difficult. These include:

  • Legal requirement to visit every live trap at least once every 24 hours, to see if an animal has been trapped – which is costly, time consuming and a waste of resources.
  • Penalties for non-compliance if an animal is trapped and dies can be prohibitive.
  • At 24 hours of captivity, animals can be severely compromised.

Thomas Watson, a licensed pest control and animal removal professional, knew that there had to a way to use technology to solve the problem of vising traps. In 2006, collaboration with James Burgio, expert in the design of GPS tracking systems, they created, designed and manufactured the TrapSmart product line.

TrapSmart systems offer trappers a trap monitoring system that uses automated, fail safe methodology to notify trappers as soon as an animal enters the trap. Extensive R&D and testing is performed to ensure that the TrapSmart will work in most environmental conditions and remote locations.

Benefits to You

  • Significantly improve the efficiency and profitability of wildlife control and visits can be reduced by 2 to 4 times per job.
  • Enabling multiple live traps to be controlled in one location increases the speed of capture while reducing the unit cost per trap
  • Reduce the stress on the capture
  • Avoid penalties for failing to visit trapped animals
  • Go Green and Eco-Friendly. Avoid use of ¬†inhumane trap tactics and toxic baits
  • Increase the opportunity for additional business with added services

How The TrapSmart System Works

In order to set the trap, one end of the clip is attached to the switch on the sensor. The other end is clipped to the trap door. Once the door closes it pulls out the switch from the sensor and sets the alarm.

All traps should be set up within 3-1000 feet of the control unit. Control unit can be placed indoors as well as outdoors.

The monitoring system let you conveniently monitor the status for all units in the field from a PC or smart phone. The GPS enabled units will keep transmitting whenever it is turned on, thus reducing the possibility of loss through theft.

Once the trap closes, the control unit sends a text message or email to the trapper. It will continue to send a reminder signal at 2 hour intervals.

Every control unit requires a service plan. This is a monthly charge for the satellite and/or cellular communications.

Payment options are available. Contact TrapSmart for details.

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