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Save Time and Money - Trap Smartly

Increase productivity and reduce the frustrations of wildlife trapping.

TrapSmart™ provides an easy, humane and convenient way to remotely monitor wildlife traps using advanced GPS communication technology. No more driving back and forth, wasting time and gasoline, to check empty traps. TrapSmart sends you an alert – via text or email – to let you know when your trap closes. So you only check traps when absolutely necessary.

Reduce frustration and increase productivity using the TrapSmart remote trap monitor system.

TrapSmart remote trap monitor, or trap checker, is

  • Simple to set up – takes a few minutes
  • Versatile – attaches to any moving cage trap, foothold or snare
  • Convenient – get text or email alerts sent to you on any mobile device or PC
  • Wireless – eliminates connection issues associated with power cords and chewed wires
  • Effective – three communication options provide coverage virtually anywhere on the globe

Whether you are a wildlife biologist, nuisance trapper, animal welfare professional, researcher, or pest control professional, TrapSmart has a solution for you. Whatever size animal, from mice to moose, we will help you be more productive with less effort.


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